Yellowstone’s Kelly Reilly Says She Doesn’t Want To Play Another Role Like Beth Dutton: “I Stay Away From Them”

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The end of an era.

Yellowstone will officially be coming to an end after the second half of season five.

Although I’m sure Taylor Sheridan will be able to break down the conclusion of the show into one half season, season four still left so much to unpack.

Will Sarah Atwood of Market Equities be able to manipulate Jamie into destroying his own family?

Now that we know Kevin Costner will be exiting the Yellowstone universe, does that mean John Dutton will die early on in the second half of the season?

What will happen with Kayce and Monica’s relationship?

There are so many questions left to be answered.

But it also brings our attention to what’s next for some of our favorite cast members. We know Luke Grimes, who plays Kayce Dutton will look to focus on his music careers (as will Ryan Bingham who just announced a new album), and Kevin Costner (John Dutton) will be working on his own western film series Horizon.

And Kelly Reilly? She’s developed a reputation for being one of the baddest women on television, but it’s a role she doesn’t want to take again. In a conversation with Looper, she explained why she doesn’t want to play another Beth Dutton.

“Obviously, I play Beth and people like it. So, I’m inundated with very feisty, strong, violent-type women.

I don’t want to play that again, those badly written Beths. So, I stay away from them and instead am looking for the next role that takes me into different waters. I don’t know what it is.”

Reilly also discussed what it’s like working alongside Costner:

“Well, we’ve been working together for four years now, he and I, and we have so many scenes together, so many days working together. He’s honestly one of the nicest, most generous actors I’ve worked with.

We get on so well and we have this real fun relationship. So, yeah, I mean, it’s pretty wonderful. He’s so incredible on the show.

I really respect him as an actor and the work he’s doing. I just love what he does. I could watch him all day. I’m learning a lot from him.”

Stay tuned for the second half of Season 5, which is slated to premiere at the end of the year.

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