NFL QB Carson Wentz Under Fire After Sharing Photo Of Black Bear Hunt In Alaska

Carson Wentz hunting
Carson Wentz

Oh, here we go…

NFL quarterback Carson Wentz, who is currently a free agent after he was released by the Washington Commanders, scratched one off his bucket list recently.

The Super Bowl winner bagged himself a black bear while bowhunting in Alaska, a pretty common game animal in the state. Most hunters will harvest a deer in their lifetime, probably turkeys and ducks as well. But for the most passionate and prolific hunters, animals like elk, moose and even black bears are popular targets as well.

Of course, most folks don’t get the opportunity to hunt black bears, or even elk for that matter.

So when Carson got the chance to ship up to Alaska for a once in a lifetime black bear hunt, he had to take it:

“Bucket list. Got the opportunity to spot and stalk black bear in one of our new favorite places on earth— Alaska! Incredible trip and an incredible animal!”

And shocker… the internet was MAD.

Wentz, an avid hunter and outdoorsman, was ripped to shreds in the comments by animal activists and ignorant people who don’t understand hunting or conservation, and probably don’t even understand where their food comes from.

Here’s a look at some of the comments:

Who has killing animals on their bucket list.”

“You must be so proud of yourself! Congratulations on this killing of an innocent animal.”

“What is this barbaric nonsense? Unfollow this clown.”

“What a clown.”

“You suck in life as much as you do on the field Carson.”

“What a disgrace, you’re what’s wrong with this world.”

“Why would you kill something so beautiful, just to make you feel like a man.”

“You always sucked as a QB, now I can see you suck as a human too.”

“Bro come on man. How can you take a living animal’s life like that?”

“Dead. Just like your career.”

“Next time shoot at each other.”

And it goes on and on and on like that…

Don’t get me wrong, I can see why someone wouldn’t want to kill an animal, especially a bear, and that’s totally fair. And if you don’t eat meat for that reason, more power to you, I can respect that. However, anybody that eats factory-farmed meat and then goes and complains about hunting is a moron.

The hunting industry brings in a ton of money for conservation, habitat preservation and other initiatives that benefit both the environment and the animals that live there. It also helps with population control and provides a healthy source of food to families all over the country. And taking a well placed arrow or bullet through the heart is a much quicker and ethical kill compared to how this bear will probably die in the wild.

And even if you can’t get down with that, where do you think the leather in your shoes, or belt, or purse come from? A cow. A cow that was probably crammed into a cage, pumped with hormones and other shit, fed a non-natural diet, and slaughtered in an inhumane way.

And bear meat pretty damn good… I’ve had it a few times, and really enjoyed it.

Just something to think about…

Also, Alaska is home to over 100,000 black bears, the most of any state by far. So much so that in some parts of the state, bear season never closes. Hunting is most common in the spring and the fall, as their coat can start to get pretty rough-looking by the start of summer.

Wentz has shared photos of other harvests in the past, however none have garnered this kind of backlash.

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