Shirtless Moron Who Went Viral For Charging Bears Didn’t Do It At Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park moron
Tourons Of Yellowstone

Many may remember the series of videos that went viral for all the wrong reasons of a guy who jumped out of a car, chased down a bear and growled at it, and scared it off into the woods, all while ripping his shirt off and flexing for the camera after the bear had already run off.

Yeah, it goes without saying… biggest tool on planet Earth.

I was initially believed that the incidents occurred in Yellowstone National Park, and sparked an investigation that could’ve led to six months in jail along with a $5,000 fine for the doofus who tried to pull this stunt.

Yellowstone National Spokeswoman Morgan Warthin told the Cowboy State Daily:

“We are aware of the egregious incident, and it is under investigation. We are not confident that the incident occurred in Yellowstone National Park.”

The owner of the Tourons of Yellowstone Instagram page admitted that they were not sure if the incident occurred in the park, and said that it could’ve possibly occurred in Washington or Canada.

So, it appears that we may finally have the answers we’ve been looking for.

Morgan Warthin told Outdoor Life that the incident did NOT occur in Yellowstone National Park:

“Yellowstone National Park received reports of a video depicting a man caught on camera harassing bears. The park takes all reports of animal harassment very seriously.

The investigation led by park law enforcement officers recently revealed that the incidents did not occur in Yellowstone, the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, or in any other national park. We have no additional information to share.” 

Needless to say, this guy got really lucky.

As dumb as the move was, it’s pretty much impossible to tell where exactly this all went down.

However, that doesn’t mean what he did wasn’t illegal, and if someone were to correctly identify him (c’mon, find him), he could be still be in trouble for harassing wildlife.

God, I hate this guy…

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