Luke Bryan Invites Woman On Stage & Surprises Her With Military Husband Returning From Overseas

Luke Bryan country music
Luke Bryan

It’s hard to find moments that’ll get the tears rolling more than a family reunion after a loved one returns from serving overseas in the military.

For me, it’s about a guarantee every time I watch one of these videos. Catch me hungover on a Sunday morning, and throw on a video of military reunions, soldiers coming home… I’m gonna be a puddle of tears real quick.

I just can’t imagine the relief and joy a family feels when they realize that their loved one is home safe and sound after being away for so long.

With that being said, one of the latest examples actually went down last Friday at Luke Bryan’s show in Darien Center, New York.

During Bryan’s set, he began to call for a Shannon in the crowd to come on stage, and pointed to one woman in particular.

She agreed and made her way on stage with Bryan, and the country singer said:

“Shannon’s husband has been fighting overseas for a couple of years and I want to get her to help me.”

So, Bryan began to sing his patriotic anthem “Country On,” but as Shannon was on stage singing along to the song, her husband proceeded to make his way from backstage to surprise her.

As the crowd began to cheer loudly, she turned around and saw her husband, and she broke out into tears immediately.

Man, you just can’t beat moments like this, and credit to Luke and company for putting it all together.

It’s memory they’ll never forget, that’s for sure.

Check it out:

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