Canadian Bull Moose Gracefully Gallops Alongside Car At 30 Miles Per Hour

Bull moose sprint
Woolly Steer Ranch

When you think of your average moose, the first thought that comes to mind probably isn’t “they’re very quick animals.”

Typically when we see videos of these creatures, they’re charging tourists at National Parks because the people have invaded their personal space, and they feel threatened, or they’re the unfortunate animals who have been hunted down by predators such as bears and a pack wolves.

However, what we don’t think about is the fact that they’re actually pretty quick creatures.

And if you needed the proof, here it is.

This video comes out of Northern Ontario, Canada, where you can see a bull moose galloping at full speed alongside a vehicle.

Of course, the car isn’t going full speed, but at roughly 30 miles per hour, it’s a pretty good example of the speed these creatures can get up to on a dead sprint.

According to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, a moose has the capability of running up to 35 mph, and can also swim at six mph for up to two hours.

Not only are moose pretty quick, but they also have great stamina, as they try to evade predators out in the wild.

So, if you happen to see one of these creatures the next time you’re at a National Park, please be sure to heed the reminders from the park, asking to stay at least 25 yards away from it…

Because if this thing charges at you at full speed, it ain’t gonna end too pretty.

Check it out:

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