The Entire Internet Is Bewildered By Viral Video Of Blackbird Hovering Completely Motionless In Mid Air

Bird in air

If I didn’t know any better I would’ve thought this all went down in Hawkins, Indiana and was a scene straight from Stranger Things.

But no, this wild scene went down in Vancouver, Canada, a few months back (and it’s going viral again) where a couple of people sitting in their car noticed a blackbird hovering in mid air, appearing to be near motionless. You can even see other people getting out of their cars to try and understand what they’re seeing.

I’ll admit, this is a first for me, and it’s almost one of those things you’d have to be there in person to truly believe.

Of course, there could be a logical explanation for this. According to Audubon, some birds can remain still in the air by quickly flapping their wings. However, as you can see in the video, this bird isn’t flapping its wings at all, and the birds that can typically do this are small, lightweight birds, which this one obviously is not.

So, I’m just gonna stick to the conspiracy theories, because it sounds much cooler.

Is this proof that we’re living in a simulation?

Is this proof that birds are fake and actually government spies, and this one just glitched?

Could this have something to do with all of the recent UFO sightings that’ve been popping up across North America over the past few months?

I guess we’ll never truly know what exactly went down here, and honestly, I’m not sure if I wanna know.

Check it out:

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