Insanely Rare (And Massively Pregnant) 1,700-Pound Goblin Shark Was Caught Off The Coast Of Taiwan

Goblin Shark
Taiwan Ocean Artistic Museum

Not gonna lie, it’s a truly terrifying thought to think about what kind of distorted looking creatures may be swimming beneath you while in the ocean.

Not to mention, the insane looking creatures that live in the deepest parts of the ocean that may have never been discovered before.

I just want to apologize if you’re about to make a trip to the beach here soon, but it is kind of scary when you think about it.

Here’s yet another example of one of those terrifying looking creatures that could be swimming beneath you… a near 2,000 lb. pregnant “goblin shark” that looks straight from the pits of hell.

Of course, finding these in America are incredibly rare, and they inhabit extremely deep waters, but if you happen to find yourself off the coast of Taiwan anytime soon, be on the lookout.

According to the New York Post, a group of commercial anglers fishing off the coast of Taiwan caught this incredibly rare creature who was actually pregnant with six shark pups.

Representatives of the Taiwan Ocean Artistic Museum said:

“It belongs to the prehistoric shark family and is a very rare living fossil. This species has translucent skin, a pink body, and evil fangs.”

“Goblin sharks,” also known as “devil sharks,” are known for their incredibly unique features, such as their strange rows of snaggleteeth, translucent gray-pink skin, and massive nose.

However, if you do happen to run into one of these creatures, they don’t pose a threat to humans. It typically hunts squid and other prey at the bottom of the Indian, Atlantic, and Pacific Oceans.

This 15.4 foot long, 1,763 pounder is the largest goblin shark ever caught off Taiwan.

It was so big, it had to be transported by a forklift and loaded into the back of a flatbed truck.

The creature’s large size was due to the fact it was pregnant with six pups inside, each around eight pounds and four feet long. All had fully formed teeth, making scientists believe they were about to be born.

Some wild stuff you can find in the ocean, I’ll tell ya what.

Giant Hammerhead Shark Comes Way Close To Shore In Alabama

I think I’ve seen enough “close encounter” videos with sharks off the shore of beaches to never even think about stepping foot into the ocean again.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing better than sitting out on the beach, blaring country music on the speaker, and pounding Busch Lights like there’s no tomorrow, but as far as actually getting in?

Nah, I’m good.

And now I can add yet another one of those “close encounter” videos to the list…

This one is straight out of Alabama, and it all went down at Orange Beach according to BroBible.

In the wild video footage, you can see a massive hammerhead shark swimming incredibly close to the shore, as it chases around a stingray.

As you can see, there are some onlookers who are dangerously close to the heart pumping scene.

Could you imagine? You’re just riding some waves, and all of a sudden you’re surrounded by a massive creature that could kill you instantly, that just so happens to be chasing the species that killed the late great Steve Erwin.

Nightmare fuel.

Catarena Peek and her boyfriend, Alec Deshotel were the ones who videoed the crazy encounter. They told FOX 10 that they frequently travel to Orange Beach from Texas every year, but this is one trip that they’ll never forget.

Deshotel told the outlet:

“This is the first time we have ever seen anything like this for sure. I look out of the window… and there it is.

Massive 10 to 12-foot hammerhead, whatever it is, I don’t know but it was a big one. We don’t know how big it was but it was massive.”

Peek added:

“There was some man down there screaming that there was a shark and I guess they finally saw the dorsal fin and they realized how close he started getting so they started jumping out of the water as fast as they could.

I just ended up videoing it and it was a really cool video so I just posted to Facebook thinking a couple hundred of my friends would find it kind of cool and then all of a sudden, I looked down at my phone and it was over 100,000 views and I was like, Oh, that’s pretty cool.”

Peek is a certified diver who has swam with sharks her whole life, and Deshotel has seen a bunch of them while deep sea fishing.

Although the intense scene was a first for them, it didn’t scare them from getting into the water.

Check it out:

Fisherman Dives Off Boat To Swim With Basking Shark

I mean, come on man you’re just asking for it here.

It’s no different than someone walking up to a bison, bear or any of the stupid tourists that go to Yellowstone National Park or any other for that matter. If you don’t go looking for trouble it won’t happen.

There’s something about the ocean that makes this seem even crazier to me. At least on land, that is our element, in water we don’t really stand a chance against something that lives there. We are not all Michael Phelps.

So, it definitely wouldn’t cross my mind to jump in the water with any shark, especially without any safety nets involved.

I get it, they thought it was a basking shark. There is no risk with them, they’re a plankton eating shark so the risk is minimal to say the least.

But, if you’re not an expert and you’re just out having a time with the boys, it might not be smart to make assumptions. This guy found that out as he jumped off the back of boat in with what they thought was a basking shark.

“That was a bad idea”

“Boys, that’s not, hooo!”

As you hear the cries of fear they all realize what just happened.

“That’s not a basking shark, dude”

They thought he may have jumped in with a Great White, the notorious killer. The panic you can hear in his voice is well deserved given what they did. Later on, after everything was calmed down they inspected farther and confirmed that it was actually a basking shark.

California resident Maxwell Fleming told Storyful the video was taken in the spring of 2019, while the pair were spearfishing at the Channel Islands.

“We spotted a fin in the water, approached it slowly, and determined that it was a basking shark.

Ryder and I were actually talking about wanting to swim with a basking shark a few days prior after we heard rumors about them being in the area this time of year.”

Close call, bro…

Spearfisherman Fights Off Two Sharks

Man, spearfishing ain’t for the faint of heart, eh?

I mean, it’s almost a fishermen’s tale that’s to good to be true and will only of be believed because of video proof.

It’s a great one to tell the kids too, “Yeah, I used to have to fight two sharks off just to get my tuna in.”

Spearfishing is a badass fishing method. A mix between hunting and fishing, but completely in a new element going underneath the water to get a good shot.

With sharks around, I don’t know if I would be causing a scene that would draw them in closer. A fish with a spear through it, flailing around the water is definitely what a shark is looking for.

You ever hear the expression “blood in the water?” You’re literally spearing a fish and pouring blood into the water.

This man had his eyes on the prize though as he sunk his spear through the tuna he was chasing. As soon as he grabs ahold of the rope a shark charges in towards the fisherman. He punches the shark in the nose pushing it away.

Keep in mind, he’s trying to hang on to the tuna while he’s fighting off a shark… in the shark’s kitchen.

Another shark appears and they both begin circling and coming in close as the fisherman pulls the tuna in close and pays attention to the sharks too all while surfacing for air.

Talk about a rush, you can feel the adrenaline pumping just watching the video.

The fight gets more intense as the man gets the fish in closer. Getting tangled in the line, one of the sharks comes right at him and roughs him up until he goes back under. The man pulls out a knife and stabs one that comes close, as it swims off the other comes in and catches a stab as well.

The man goes up and waves down his boat that comes to get him to safety. He throws the fish in first then climbs up in.

Dude… I love tuna as much as the next guy, but not way in hell I’m getting into a knife fight with two sharks over it.

Stabbing sharks and still getting the fish, that’s as intense as fishing gets.

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