Aaron Rodgers Was Close To Being A New England Patriot

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It’s already strange enough seeing the longtime Green Bay Packers quarterback as a New York Jet, but it would have been almost unbearable to see Aaron Rodgers suit up for the New England Patriots, which apparently almost happened…

That is, until Aaron Rodgers and his agent immediately shut it down.

As the story goes, while the Packers were still having conversations with teams interested in sending trade packages for Rodgers, the pesky, menacing, always-scheming New England Patriots sent a relatively decent offer to the team in Green Bay.

The Packers sent the trade idea over to Rodger’s agent, and they quickly (and without question) shot it down. Craig Carton made the announcement of the “sports info scoop” that he had on his program The Carton Show, saying:

“Aaron Rodgers almost wasn’t a Jet. The New England Patriots made an offer to the Green Bay Packers to get Aaron Rodgers, and when Aaron Rodgers heard it, his agent said ‘no, we ain’t playing for New England, we want to be a Jet.'”

Thank God…

Like I said earlier, it’ll probably take me through Week 9 of the upcoming NFL season to get used to Aaron Rodgers trading out the green and gold of the Packers for the green and black of the Jets (he can still use his pre-snap cadence “Green 18,” which weirdly comforts me).

I was never a Packers fan, but I have always enjoyed watching Aaron sling it around the field. If he would have gone to the Patriots, I’m not sure I would have continued to watch him as a fan. The Bill Belichick led New England team has simply had too great of a run in the past two decades with Tom Brady to deserve another generational talent like Rodgers running the show.

Sports are all about uniting groups of people, and I’d say that fans of the other 31 NFL teams would have collectively hated Rodgers and the Patriots if he had chosen to go there. New England should have to suffer in mediocrity for a while like the rest of us.

And if Rodgers would have taken his talents to the Patriots, you know they would have been an absolute powerhouse. The legendary Bill Belichick’s play calling and scheming paired with Rodgers’ ability to drop footballs into breadbaskets would have created another mini-Patriots-dynasty  for the rest of Aaron’s playing career.

A co-host of The Carton Show added to that idea, saying:

“It’s scary to even think about Bill Belichick and Aaron Rodgers together. Those two football minds, I mean we saw what he did with Tom Brady…that would have been scary though.”

Scary indeed.

But thankfully he’s just with the New York Jets now, who have struggled to put together winning seasons and have seemingly been cursed since Mark Sanchez’s infamous “butt fumble.” I can tolerate Rodgers going there and playing well, since the Jets have struggled for so long. Plus, if he and the team continue to struggle, then that will just be the “typical Jets.”

All is right in the world thanks to Rodgers’ agent slamming the door shut on the Patriots.

You can check out the whole clip from the show here:

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