Group Of Idiots Bring Their Kids Within A Few Feet of Massive Bison At Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone tourons
Tourons of Yellowstone

Not the kids…

If you wanna put yourself in front of the largest animal in North America, go ahead, but please just don’t put any kids at risk. Adults should know better, kids just don’t.

Bison can weigh up to 2,000 pounds making them the largest animal to roam the land. In many places, their populations have dwindled from their former glory. But, there are some areas with wild and healthy populations thanks to mass conservations efforts.

Yellowstone National Park is home to one of the largest and healthiest wild bison herds in all of North America. There are said to be up to 5,500 bison in the park during certain times of the year.

With this many bison and access to remote and vastly untouched land that the roads cut through, Yellowstone offers the best opportunity that there is to see these massive beasts.

But that doesn’t mean anyone should pretend like it is a zoo and get as close as they want thinking there will be no consequences.

These folks just didn’t get it. They are seen on a boardwalk only a few feet away from a MASSIVE bison.

That is pretty much as big as these beasts get, making the whole group of people look small. The worst of this is, these folks decided to have their kids right with them as they get dangerously close.

That boardwalk don’t mean a thing to the bison…

A never-ending reminder to be careful out there people.

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