Vegas Golden Knights Fans Belted Out “My Own Worst Enemy” During Blow Out Win To Secure The Stanley Cup

Las Vegas Golden Knights
Golden Knights

Big congrats to the Vegas Golden Knights.

The 2017 expansion team that raced to a Stanley Cup appearance in their first season finally broke through this year, ending the Cinderella story run of the 8th seed Florida Panthers in dominate fashion last night with a 9-3 victory to secure the franchises first championship.

While the Panthers were able to eek out a Game 3 victory, overall the series was not close, the Knights outscoring their opponents 26-12. There’s no denying the Panthers had themselves an incredible run, but at the end of the day, it was Vegas time.

There’s sure to be no shortage of awesome videos that will come out of the celebration from Sin City, but one of the cooler moments happened during the game, when the rabid Knights crowd joined together to belt out one of the most popular pop-punk songs from the late 90’s.

“My Own Worst Enemy” was the lead single from Lit’s 1999 album A Place In The Sun and very quickly became an anthem of sorts. Heck, anytime someone put that on at a party in college the place went bananas, which is exactly what happened after the Knights raced out to a 6-1 lead in the second period of last night’s game.

Turns out, this has become a tradition of sorts for the team after DJ Joe Green played it during a penalty kill during a retro night a little while back. It caught on quickly and became a minor version of traditions like the Red Sox singing “Sweet Caroline”, West Virginia with “Country Roads”, and Alabama with “Dixieland Delight”.

But none of the previous times Vegas sang the song had quite the vigor of last night’s moment.

Take a listen for yourself. Man, I wouldn’t have wanted to shell out for the ticket, but I’d have loved to be there for this…

Straight chills.

If there’s anything better than crowds singing the same song, let me know, because I live for these moments.

Wouldn’t mind Muscadine Bloodline expanding their Teenage Angst project with this one…

Here’s Koe Wetzel playing it at a show in Fort Worth recently.

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