Morgan Wade Teases New Song “80s Movie,” From Forthcoming ‘Psychopath’ Album

Morgan Wade country music

I already love the sound of this one…

Morgan Wade is teasing new music over on Instagram, a new tuned seemingly called “80s Movie” from her forthcoming Psychopath album.

There’s no release date for the single quite yet, but with New Music Friday in a couple short days, I wouldn’t be surprised if we get to hear the full thing sooner rather than later…

Here’s a look at the lyrics:

“Ooh, we took a ride in tour dads Corvette
At sunset
Ooh, you kissed me before you flipped the cassette
I’ll never forget”

Morgan posted a clip of the song along with the caption:

“🏎️ + 🕶️ + 📻 = #80sMovie”

She’s probably gonna have to explain to everyone under the age of 25 what a cassette tape even is, but I’m here for it…

Morgan’s sophomore studio record is slated to drop on on August 25th, and says the album will focus on everything she’s been through since her debut Reckless came out in 2021:

“With ‘Psychopath,’ we’ve done a really good job of moving on from ‘Reckless,’ to the next stage without it being so crazy different.

I’m excited, every song on there has its own sound and is completely different. The album goes into where I’m at in life right now.

Which is so busy. It’s about growing up and being older, and starting to feel like, ‘Is it time to settle down?’ I think you’ll see a lot of that on the record.”

She is currently out on the road playing tons of festivals this summer, and is gearing up to take some time off at the end of the year as she will undergo a preventative double mastectomy in November:


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