Brave Park Ranger Stands Face To Face With Three Grizzly Bears

Park ranger

That’s one brave lady.

Any person willing to stand face-to-face with a wild animal just for the protection of people is pretty badass.

Forest rangers or wardens, whatever they are depending on where you live, have a rad job. They work with wildlife and help keep both people and animals safe.

Sometimes that involves chasing off animals.

Grizzly bears are not one most would want to do that with. These beasts can weigh over 1,000 pounds depending on where you are, but many mature males average around 500 to 600 pounds. Females typically weigh a bit less in the 250 to 350 range.

They are strong, massive and fast animals that have a reputation of being violent. They are omnivores and eat a lot of plant material, but are no strangers to hunting.

They also usually don’t bother people but are very territorial and protective. So, they can turn on a dime and decide to attack.

This officer doesn’t seem to mind at all though.

She is seen approaching three grizzly bears that are seemingly blocking a trail in heavy-people area.

The officer approaches ready to pull out her bear spray as she attempts to shoo the beasts off.

The grizzlies seem unbothered and keep eating away, but not particularly willing to come further.

I’m gonna score this one for the park ranger…

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Park Ranger Shoos Massive Grizzly Bears Away From Cabins In Katmai National Park

That’s as badass as they come…

Having the knowledge and courage to walk up to a mother grizzly and a cub is not a simple task.

Yes, this might seem crazy and stupid. But, these rangers are trained professionals equipped with the knowledge and tools to do this type of thing. It is not recommended at all to walk up to a grizz, ever.

Plus, they kinda of “know” the bear (as well as you can really “know” a wild animal).

As you can see in the video, grizzlies are absolutely massive. Full grown males can weigh over 1,500 pounds.

Sometimes though… bears can also be a massive nuisance though. They love to hang around the wooded areas where humans are present  because it usually means easy food, even if it comes from a garbage can. These animals’ whole life is based around getting food as easily as they can.

Two grizzly bears, a mama bear and her cub, are seen hanging around some cabins in Katmai National Park. They’re just grazing along minding their business being right in the way of a cabin in an area with endless amounts of forest.

The park ranger walks up to the grizzlies and shouts at them with her hand ready to grab bear spray. The cub turns towards her, but as she stands her ground both decide to run away.

You can’t help but notice the size of these animals. They’re just huge. This is one brave women…

Scaring grizzly bears away for a living definitely isn’t for the faint of heart.

Yellowstone Park Ranger Fends Off Charging Grizzly Bear

Some of the wildest footage you’ll ever see has emerged from one the wildest places on the planet, Yellowstone National Park.

A park ranger was reportedly outside of his vehicle attempting to direct traffic when he was suddenly charged by an aggressive male grizzly bear. The bear appears to possibly have been limping on its front leg, which could explain its aggressive behavior.

The video was recorded on Friday, the same day that a grizzly bear mauled a hiker in a different part of the park.

The park ranger is caught off guard by the charging bear, but he’s able to retreat behind his truck bed and fire off some rubber bullets in self defense. Once the bear retreats for the woods, the ranger then uses explosive devices (presumably bird bombs) to drive the bear further away with the loud noise.

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