Police Body Cam Footage Released From Altercation Between Earl Thomas & His Then Wife

Earl Thomas incident
TMZ Sports

Back in April of 2020, famed Seattle Seahawks safety Earl Thomas was involved in an altercation with his then wife, Nina, and she was ultimately arrested and charged with burglary of a residence with intent to commit aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

With that being said, new video footage has been obtained by TMZ from that near deadly night.

In the footage, two officers are shown approaching the two while they were arguing outside an Airbnb in Austin, Texas.

The pair both had weapons, with Nina holding a knife and Earl holding a gun.

You can hear the officers yelling for them to drop their weapons as they had their guns drawn. The two complied with the officers’ commands, and were placed in handcuffs and separated.

At one point in the video, Earl tells the officers that Nina had caught him cheating.

The video also jumps to Nina speaking to an officer, telling him that her and her sister-in-law had gone to the Airbnb in order to confront Earl and his brother for cheating on them.

She also admitted to bringing Earl’s gun to scare him, but said it wasn’t loaded and didn’t even have a magazine in it.

The knife was picked up during the argument inside the Airbnb.

Nina and her sister-in-law discovered Earl and his brother in bed with other women, and said she pointed the gun at the back of Earl’s head.

He was able to get the gun out of her hands and the argument then went to the parking lot.

You can hear Nina tell an officer:

“My husband has been leaving… we’ve been having problems. He’s been leaving off and on all weekend. And he said he was hanging with some buddies.

And I didn’t believe that, because we’ve had issues in the past. So I hacked his Snapchat and found his location here.”

Earl was not charged in the altercation, and the case was dismissed in 2021.

Nina filed for divorce later on in 2020. The two share two children together.

Earl spent nine of his 10 years with Seattle as part of the iconic “Legion of Boom,” and won a Super Bowl with the Seahawks in 2014.

He spent his last season with the Baltimore Ravens in 2019.

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