World Class Doofus Could Face Jail Time & Fines For Continuously Harassing Black Bears

Yellowstone National Park moron
Tourons Of Yellowstone

A couple weeks back, a Yellowstone National Park tourist (although still exactly uncertain the video was taken in the park) went viral for all the wrong reasons, after video footage was released of the tourist jumping out of a car and charging a bear at full speed while growling at it, and scaring the bear off into the woods.

He then proceeded to boast about it by turning back to the camera and taking his shirt off and flexing.

Needless to say, things could’ve turned out very badly for this doofus, as bears can be the most dangerous when they feel threatened.

Authorities are now trying to identify and track down this culprit.

According to Cowboy State Daily, if the guy is caught, he could face six months in jail along with a $5,000 fine, all because he wanted a little bit of social media clout.

It was initially thought to be in Yellowstone National Park, however, Yellowstone National Park spokeswoman Morgan Warthin told the outlet:

“We are aware of the egregious incident, and it is under investigation.

We are not confident that the incident occurred in Yellowstone National Park.”

The owner of the Tourons of Yellowstone Instagram page admitted that they were not able to verify the location of the incident either, and that it could possibly be Washington of Canada.

Needless to say, if this was some random incident outside of a National Park, this guy got real lucky.

However, if he was inside Yellowstone, or any other National Park for that matter, the consequences could be very harsh.

Check out the videos for yourself:

Another incident:

His third instance:

I mean, I’m rooting for the bear on the next one…

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