Tom Brady Plunks Mr. Beast’s Drone With A Football, Jokes He’ll “Come Out Of Retirement”

Tom Brady hits drone
Mr. Beast

Could it be? Could Tom Brady actually be coming out of retirement for the SECOND time?

Okay, he definitely isn’t, and he made that crystal clear a couple weeks back, telling Sports Illustrated:

“I’m certain I’m not playing again, so I’ve tried to make that clear, and I hate to continue to profess that cause I’ve already told people that lots of times.

But I’m looking forward to my broadcasting job at FOX next year, I’m looking forward to the opportunity ahead with the Raiders and we’re in the process of that.

The other different things I’m a part of professionally and in my personal life, just spending as much time with my kids as I can, and seeing them grow up and support the different things that they have going on, and that’s a very important job.”

However, if you were wondering if the arm strength and accuracy is still there or not, look no further than this video.

Brady recently collaborated with Mr. Beast in a video, where he hilariously joked:

“If I hit the drone on the first try, maybe I should come out of retirement.”

Mr. Beast challenged Brady to chuck a football from his yacht to see if he could hit his drone, and sure enough, the future Hall of Famer absolutely nailed the drone’s right wing.

Even he didn’t think he’d be able to do it after his kids confidently told him he’d probably miss:

“I probably will miss.”

I mean c’mon, the fact that he’s able to throw a football and hit a small drone from several yards away is down right impressive, and gives you even more respect as to how good these guys really are.

See for yourself:

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A beer bottle on a dock