Ernest Releases Live Performance Video Of “This Fire” At The Grand Ole Opry For ‘Circle Sessions’ Series

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Ernest is back with another video for his Circle Sessions series.

Filmed at the Grand Ole Opry, as ERNEST is a member of the Grand Ole Opry’s Opry NextStage class, he stepped into the historic circle to perform “This Fire.”

The song was included on his FLOWER SHOPS (THE ALBUM): Two Dozen Roses deluxe record earlier this year, and is a damn good country song in every sense.

Written by Ernest along with Rocky Block, Julian Bunetta and John Ryan, the production on the studio cut is fantastic and really intriguing, as the verses and chorus almost sound like two different songs in a certain sense, as he sings about “this fire” he can’t put out, that’s seemingly set his world ablaze in the worst way possible.

And of course, seeing him perform it at the Opry just kicks everything up a notch and gives it a really special and classic feel.

It was one of my favorites from the aforementioned record, and if you haven’t heard “This Fire” before, this is a perfect time to check it out:

Ernest also recently covered John Mayer’s “Slow Dancing In A Burning Room” for Circle Sessions:

“This Fire”

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