Alabama Man’s Fallen Tree Fishing Pier Is Redneck Engineering At Its Finest

Redneck engineering
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You have to love some good ol’ fashioned redneck engineering.

In fact, I’m fully convinced this needs to be an elective course among every college campus in America, because sometimes these inventions can seriously come in handy.

From turning cars into tree stands, tricking up your lawnmower so it can cut the grass itself with nobody behind the wheel, Coors Light personal pools, and so much more, it’s pretty impressive.

And in our latest example of “Redneck Engineering 101,” this one comes out of the fine state of Alabama.

One fisherman who was taking his fishing boat down an Alabama creek noticed a very innovative way of redneck engineering…

In the video footage, you can see one person who lives along the creek decided to take advantage of the massive tree that had fallen into the water, by building a walkway with plywood leading down from the creek all the way to the end of the fallen tree.

And the best part about it?

This person stuck a boat seat at the end of it, so they can sit there and fish for as long as their heart desires.

I mean c’mon, this is the definition of taking advantage of what mother nature puts in front of you right here.

Check it out:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock