Pack Of Coyotes Easily Scale A Post To Snatch A Poor House Cat

Coyote snags cat
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They really wanted that guy…

Ya hate to see it… I mean, anything but our favorite little friends.

But at the same time, it’s hard to blame a wild animal. They are just trying to survive in the harsh world they live in.

Coyotes are medium sized wild dogs found across North America. At the most, they can weigh up to 45 pounds. They are carnivores and eat mainly small rodents, rabbits and anything that is easy for them to catch. Like most dogs, they will eat just about anything.

Generally, coyotes are lone and spend a lot of time by themselves. They still have a social structure and will often meet up in family groups and even occasionally hunt together.

They are just not as committed to living in true packs live wolves are.

These dogs thrive in the forest as well as in urban environments. Towns and cities offer habitat for many prey coyotes love and the structures and lawns makes catching prey easier with lower competition in these areas.

Pets are often an easy target for coyotes, sadly. Our pets lack naturally instincts of wild animals in some cases or are in a situation where they are trapped and can’t escape from them.

This cat just didn’t have luck on its side.

A security camera caught three coyotes hunting down a house cat right on somebody’s back step.

The gang of coyotes hopped the fence into the yard, which sent the cat climbing a post by the door, but the coyotes didn’t mind.

The three wild dogs are seen standing around the post, then one starts to jump. The coyote jumps and tries to climb multiple times. It eventually gets the cat to come down and the three dogs have their way with it… it’s not pretty.

That is the reality of it…

Keep your pets close, people.

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