Florida Panther Eerily Stares Through Homeowner’s Patio Door

Florida Panther
Vendela Bjorkqvist

I’d probably be investing in some blinds, or maybe even a privacy fence, after this one.

Imagine binging your favorite show, folding your laundry, or maybe cooking dinner and looking over at your floor-to-ceiling glass door and seeing this. For the faint of heart, the cougar encounter could be enough to warrant a move.

And like I said in the title, this cougar is definitely giving off “window shopping” vibes. As it looks through the glass and into the home, it definitely looks like it’s thinking:

“Mhmm, that human looks good, and that other human might go well with what I already have back at the house.”

Based on the tropical background, one could assume that this wildlife video takes place somewhere near the southern coast. And to be lazy, I’ll go ahead and just say that it probably happened in the madness capital of the world: Florida.

Why wouldn’t something like this happen in Florida? The home looks like a classic coastal set up, the scenic shrubbery and landscaping behind the big cat lines up with the swampy, humid climate, and most importantly, it seems like only something like this would happen in Florida.

Even though there’s a chance that it didn’t…

This particular cougar looks to be around the average size for the species. The big cat species is known to to be slender, which helps them to be agile in their hunting of prey.

Cougars are the fourth largest cat species in the world, with adult males usually measuring around seven feet long from nose to tail, while females generally have a length of six feet or so.

The animals tend to be very territorial, yet reclusive. Cougars rarely interact with humans, which is what makes this nosy big cat peering through the windows that much more intriguing.

Can you blame the cougar for walking up to the house and taking a look inside?

Maybe it’s in the market for a real estate investment, or there could be a chance that the cougar is looking for a quick bite to eat and is hoping that the homeowners left something laying around outside.

Take a look at the cougar taking a look below:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock