Raccoon Jumps Into Chicken Pen, Chases Chicken All Around Before Taking It Down

Rooster chicken

The little bandits.

Raccoons are such hilarious creatures, known as thieves and they even have mask like fur over their eyes.

They are always up to something, especially the ones that live close to people.

Raccoons are medium sized animals being just over 2 feet long and weighing up to 20 pounds.

They are omnivores meaning that really, they will eat anything that is available from animals to plants or garbage. The fact they eat nearly everything means they are highly adaptable and can live anywhere from the deep forest to the middle of a city.

They are some of the smartest animals out there to the point we usually deem them pests for breaking into all our things. They have amazing dexterity with thumbs on their front hands, making them able to hold and move things unlike many other animals. They can open latches, doors and lids making them hard to keep out.

This raccoon shows just how abled and adaptable these creatures are.

A security camera captures a raccoon hopping into the backyard chicken pen. With a live trap set nearby, clearly he had been a prior problem.

Seeing him go to work, it is clear he’s chased the chickens before.

The raccoon is seen chasing the bird back and forth as it runs for its life.

The chase is hilarious as neither animal is fast.

They both go out of view, but the noises from the chicken mixed with the feathers floating on by paints the picture well enough.

They couldn’t get him on that night.

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