Bella White Performing “Numbers” At Carter Vintage Guitars Will Take Your Breath Away

Bella White country music
Carter Vintage Guitars/YouTube

Full body chills watching this video.

Bella White, hands down, has been one of my favorite female artists these days. Since the release of Among Other Things, it has been on repeat in my Airpods daily.

The songwriting, the compositions, the delivery….it is a nearly perfect album in my eyes.

Recently Bella stopped by Carter Vintage Guitars in Nashville, Tennessee, for a little jam session on some excellent guitars. Carter Vintage is a favorite guitar store among artists for its wide range of well-kept vintage guitars.

She picked up a 1940 Martin D-28 and gave an acoustic performance of her tune “Numbers.”

The sound of this acoustic is so unique and adds so much depth to the sound. The deep chords hit a reverberating twang, and the lighter chords have a whimsical sound on the top of the notes.

The lyrics of “Number” are metaphors among metaphors about spiraling thoughts and feeling lost.

“I started writing about the confusion of nothing as going as planned and realizing that maybe that’s just the way life is.

The way the lyrics came to me was much more stream-of-consciousness than anything I’d done before—there was no pressure to appeal to a certain genre, and that felt like a real turning point.

I just felt this incredible vastness.”

The composition of this acoustic version, combined with Bella’s flawless vocal delivery, gives full body chills.

And if you’re eying that guitar, hoping to make it yours….get ready to open your wallet. It’s going for a cool $75,000.

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