Man Launches Fish Into The Air, Bald Eagle Swoops Down And Snags It

man feeds fish to bald eagle


Bald eagles are amazing creatures, some of the most capable birds in North America.

They are a large bird of prey with a wingspan that can reach up to 7 feet wide.

Known to be primarily fish eaters, with some eagles eating fish up to 90 percent of their diet. They use their excellent eyesight to spot fish from far away and soar down with incredible speed, snagging them unexpectedly, and flying off.

They use their razor-sharp talon to grip onto their prey. Their talons have an estimated grip of 400 pounds per square inch, making them able to hold onto much large prey.

Like any predators, although they are able to hunt, they will always take the easiest meal option to save their energy for another time.

And nothing is easier than a dude throwing you a fish from the dock.

This fisherman, who spotted the eagle perched up on the tree, is seen tossing a fish up into the air. As soon as he yeets it up towards the sky, the bald eagle swoops out of a tree and comes soaring down, cutting to the left as it snags the fish midair.

The eagle uses its momentum to just keep on going off into the distance to enjoy the easy meal elsewhere.

What an awesome encounter.

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