Ella Langley Releases Acoustic Performance Video For “Where You Left It”

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Caylee Robillard

I have been loving these acoustic performance videos of songs from Ella Langley’s new Excuse the Mess EP.

A lot of the tracks are already pretty stripped-back and simple in terms of the production, which is great and part of what I appreciated most about her debut project, but this one along with “Don’t We All” was actually included on the tracklist as a fully acoustic version from the get-go.

And today, Ella released a new acoustic video for “Where You Left It,” which was filmed at the Wightman Chapel in Nashville.

She says it was a very fitting location to film this series, as the Hope Hull, Alabama native grew up singing in church:

“The acoustic video for ‘Could’ve Been Her’ is out now!

We recorded it in the Wightman Chapel in Nashville, I grew up singing in church so it only felt right to pay tribute to that with these videos… Go check it out on YouTube!”

“Where You Left It” was written by Ella and Jordan Fletcher, as Ella finds herself missing an ex more than she probably should, and even though she’s trying to get the hell out of her home state of Alabama, can’t seem to help herself from staying to pick up the pieces:

“And next thing I know, I’m turnin’ off
On that Montgomery exit
To pick up the pieces of my heart
Right where you lеft it
Yeah, right where you lеft it”

If you haven’t listened to the full EP yet, this song is a great, simple and very honest place to start:

“Where You Left It”

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