Mother Bison Shields Calf From Pack Of Wolves At Yellowstone National Park

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When it comes to the wild, there’s one thing for certain about a mother…

She’ll do whatever she can to protect her babies until she is able to raise them up to the point where they’re ready to go out on their own.

Yes, that even means fending off hungry predators.

And here is a perfect example of that.

In this video, you can see a mother bison shielding her newborn bison calf from a pack of wolves that are directly attempting to turn the calf into dinner.

According to The Sacramento Bee, this all went down at Yellowstone National Park in Lamar Valley back on May 20th, and the wild scene was captured by Michael Sypniewski, a Yellowstone Wolf Tracker guide.

Sypniewski shared in an Instagram post:

“Raising a kid in wolf country is no easy task. For 20 minutes, these two icons of the West battled back and forth. The wolves’ snapping jaws often getting within just inches of the newborn.

Even with a situation looking as one sided as can be, this was a masterclass on defending against predators. Keeping her calf tucked close to her side – the mother, always aware of each wolf, was constantly using her body to shield the calf.

The two eventually outlasted the persistent predators and the wolves were forced to watch as she safety returned back to a distant bison herd. Incredible day”

It’s a real eye opening video, as the mother bison was able to fend off the wolves, and they finally gave up.

Check it out:

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