Grizzly Bear Peels Back The Skin Off A Salmon Like A Pro

grizzly bear eats salmon
For The Boys

This guy knows what he is doing.

Grizzly bears are some of the most amazing creatures to walk this Earth.

This massive bears can weigh up to 1,500 pounds and stand up to 10 feet tall with the ability to run fast, swim well, and even climb trees, (although black bears are much better climbers).

They have a reputation of being fearless predators and although that can be true, they are mostly omnivorous. This means they will eat anything they deem edible from grass, berries and other plants to elk, deer, salmon and sometimes even garbage.

Alaska is home to a large and very healthy grizzly population with lots of untouched land and food for these amazing animals. One of their favorite foods in Alaska is salmon. When the salmon run up the rivers, the rivers fill up with grizzlies all around in search of that rich protein source.

This is also why grizzly bears from Alaska tends to develop a fishy taste that is not nearly as desirable as the sweeter black bear meat.

Salmon can make up all of a grizzly’s diet when the resource is available for them. Naturally, when they eat them that much, they get pretty good at it.

This grizzly is seen with his fresh catch in hand as he sits in a set of rapids in the idle of a river. The grizzly bear bites the fishes neck and peels the skin back like a pro exposing the pink meat as he chews back the skin.

Just an amazing animal… I could watch them for days.

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