Florida Panthers Reporter Gives The Stiff Arm Of The Year To Keep Drunk Vegas Golden Knights Fan From Disrupting Live Shot

Vegas Golden Knights

We’ve all watched live game recaps on the news at some point in our lives, and witnessed a fan or group of fans jump in front of the camera going nuts because their team had just won.

Sometimes the reporters love it, and other times, they just completely ruin the shot. (Of course a lot of times the response from the reporter depends on whether the team they’re reporting on won or not).

Unfortunately, things aren’t looking too hot for the Florida Panthers at the moment, as they lost their second game in a row to the Las Vegas Golden Knights in blowout fashion 7-2 in the Stanley Cup Finals.

So, you can imagine CBS Miami reporter Samantha Rivera wasn’t too thrilled to be reporting on the bad news after the Panthers got demolished.

However, that difficult assignment led to one of the most impressive stiff arms I’ve ever seen from a reporter in my life.

As Rivera was giving a game recap, a hyped up (and probably very intoxicated) Knights fan attempted to get in her shot, and before the guy could even really get on screen, she took her right arm and shoved him right out of the way before he could do any damage.

A textbook stiff arm, if I must say so myself.

And for all you Panthers fans out there, cheer up. Don’t forget y’all were down 3-1 to the Boston Bruins…

It ain’t over ’til the fat lady sings.

But, back to the stiff arm:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock