Zach Bryan Performs “Loom” Live For The First Time This Weekend In Cleveland

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There are many unreleased Zach Bryan songs, and it’s always exciting when one makes it out of his lyric notebook and onto the stage for the first time.

It feels like every day, there is a new unreleased tune from Bryan popping up on YouTube or other streaming platforms. It’s no secret these days that he is a songwriting machine.

But this weekend, Zach decided to reach back into his early catalog and bring one of his deep cuts to the stage for the first time.

In Cleveland, Ohio this past Friday, Zach pulled out “Loom,” from his 2020 album Elisabeth, during his setlist. Bryan acknowledges to the crowd that he has never performed this song live before and takes off with the intro.

The song’s lyrics are punch-you-in-the-gut heartbreaking…so it may not be a coincidence that he is pulling this one out of his Rolodex of deep cuts right after he announced his breakup with girlfriend Deb Peifer.

“So I guess I’ll just love you through the windowWhile you’re dancing with the charmers in the roomAnd I’ll sneak out that door like I have a time beforeAnd just let that lost loving loom.”

The soft acoustic accompaniment during the performance let the first few words sink deep into the audience’s ears. As the light fiddle and steel guitar join in through the song’s first verse, Bryan then picks up the pace of the acoustic, almost disguising the underlying meaning of the words he is singing.


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♬ original sound – Whiskey Riff

Here’s the full performance from this weekend:

Here is the campfire version that Zach Bryan posted on his YouTube channel three years ago.


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