Cop Jumps Into The Back Of Pulled Over Vehicle To Avoid A Wolf Pack Moving In On Him

Police attacked by wolves

Get outta there.

Imagine looking up and seeing a whole pack of wolves running right at ya. It would be a crazy situation even without being a cop having someone pulled over.

Russian wolves are a subspecies of gray wolves that weighs up to 110 pounds and can be over 6 feet long.

Like all wolves, they are highly social animals and have pack dynamics. A typical wolf pack in Russia consists of an alpha pair, their offspring of varying ages, and occasionally, unrelated wolves that may have joined the group. They all work together to ensure their best chance at surviving the harsh conditions.

Wolves are known to be successful predators. They are carnivores so really they hunt for a living and are some of the most impressive hunters in the wild. These wolves work very strategically to take out their next meal, using their strength in numbers and intelligence to outsmart anything they want to.

Wolves typically stay clear of humans but are known to come into areas where people reside. They love to attack farm animals but generally pose little threat to people.

That doesn’t mean you want a whole pack running right at ya.

This video shows a Russian cop talking to a person in a vehicle he has pulled over. You notice a pack of wolves running at him, then the cop notices too.

He scrambles but gets the driver to let him in the back door and jumps in just as the pack gets close and runs right on by the car.

That would give you a rush to act quick.

I hope the guy who was pulled over got off easy because of it.

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