Alaskan Wolf Chases Grizzly Bear Away From River, Steals His Fishing Hole  

Wolf gets salmon

It doesn’t get any better than this.

There’s a new sheriff in town and it’s this wolf. Any animal willing to try and scare off a grizzly bear is one worth paying attention to.

Wolves are some of the most known predators in the world, known for their pack dynamics and intelligence. These wild dogs can weigh up over 150 pounds and over 6 feet in length.

They live in packs run by an alpha pair and all work together for their best chances for survival. They use their numbers to take out large prey like moose, elk and deer. But, they will eat anything they can in the form of animal.

Grizzly bears are another notorious animal that is known for their massive size, weighing well over 1,000 pounds throughout Alaska. These bears are known for their strength and intelligence being able to fend of and take down most animals. They will eat anything from berries to moose and salmon. In Alaska, they are known to flock to the riverbeds when the salmon runs are on.

Wolves and bears generally avoid each other. But, they will fight over territory and food resources.

This video shows a wolve moving in on and pushing out a grizzly bear that is trying to get a feed of salmon at the river. The wolf crosses the river and puts enough pressure on the bear to make him leave.

The wolve then is seen going out in the river and coming back to shore with a salmon in his mouth.

Just stealing his fishing spot, it happens out there too.

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