Horse Tries To Scare Off Raccoon That Entered Its Field, Then Stomps It Out And Crushes It

horse raccoon

This poor raccoon picked the wrong fence to go under.

As someone who has spent my whole life around horses…I’ve seen a lot of crazy shit, but this video is a first for me. Horses are typically pretty docile animals until you trigger their fight-or-flight response, which is what happened here.

The video starts as an innocent interaction of a horse with a raccoon that had entered its field. The horse starts sniffing it and pawing at the ground a little, appearing it might want to play.

Then the horse walks around the other side, rears up, and comes down right on top of the raccoon.

The account shared in the caption why this could have been the horse’s response to the non-provoking animal.

“In a domestic or farm setting, horses can exhibit territorial behaviors around their stalls or feeding areas, especially if these are areas where they are used to being alone or having priority access to resources.

Big guess: This raccoon was most likely near the horse’s food or was in an area the horse perceived as its own. In an attempt to drive the raccoon away by stomping the ground, the horse landed on it.”

Right after the horse comes down on the raccoon, the person behind the camera quickly and frantically puts the camera down.

I think it’s safe to say Horse: 1….Raccoon: 0

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