Go Behind The Scenes Of Corey Kent’s Grand Ole Opry Debut

Corey Kent country music

An Opry debut is a special moment for any artist, but having your Opry debut at the iconic Ryman Auditorium is next level.

Corey Kent is the new kid on the block, and he has blown up from his single “Wild As Her.”

The Oklahoma native channels the fundamentals of red dirt music in the tune with a slight southern rock flare that country music fans ate up.

Upon skyrocketing into the limelight and gaining traction comes an invitation to perform at the historic Grand Ole Opry. Corey Kent’s Opry debut differed from others because he got to grace the Ryman Opry stage.

“Yeah, the Opry debut is magical enough, right? But to make your Opry debut at The Ryman, and honestly, it’s my Ryman debut too.

I have never played this stage before outside of this setting, and it’s crazy.

I lived in this town, and I saw my heroes play this venue, and tonight I get to make a little piece of history of my own.”

Growing up in Oklahoma, Kent grew up playing western swing music, not even realizing the talent he was opening up for. Kent shares that he was lucky to have played venues like Cain’s Ballroom at a young age.

The behind-the-scenes of Corey Kent’s Grand Ole Opry debut is meaningful, and he cherishes every moment.

Hearing his thoughts prior to taking the stage, you will love his story and how his upbringing defines his sound today.

While you’re here, listen to his newest release of “Wild As Her,” from Cain’s Ballroom in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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