Wild Silverback Gorilla Loses It Looking At Himself In The Mirror

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He’s ready to go.

These are some strong animals, he even seems to be scaring himself.

Silverback gorillas are the largest species of primates, standing over 5.5 feet tall and weighing as much as 500 pounds.  And much of their large weight comes from their massive muscles.

They are known for their strength, being able to lift up to 1,800 pounds and apply 4,000 pounds of force in a punch.

The social structure of gorillas revolves around dominant males, known as silverbacks. These leaders are responsible for protecting their family groups, or troops, and defending their territory against rival males.

They actually don’t fight much, but usually just put on a big display of screaming and beating around to show who is the most dominant. They rarely fight but will engage if a rival is in the area or someone within the tribe wants to.

Well one gorilla didn’t know what to do when he came across a mirror in the middle of the woods. The gorilla is seen pounding the ground, intimidating only himself.

He runs back and forth and the mirror just follows.

And with multiple mirrors set up, there was more than one interaction – with one even showing a gorilla punching his own reflection in the mirror.

Those are some worked up beasts.

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