Tourists Petting Moose In Russian National Park Suddenly Get Attacked & Take Two Hoofs To The Face

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You mess with the moose, you get the antlers.

How many times do we have to go over this, people? Do not, under any circumstances, touch the wild animals.

Apparently these tourists visiting Zyuratkul National Park in Chelyabinsk, Russia didn’t get the memo about that, and instead got “the memo” in the fashion of a sudden moose attack.

As the heavily clothed individuals all surround the massive antlered animal, the moose slowly turns around to look at and scope out each and every one of them. Probably building up the courage and thinking:

“I can take em’.”

Just like how most parents treat their children at a Chuck E. Cheese, these irresponsible guardians are just letting their kids run all around the moose and do whatever they want.

At one point in the clip, one of the little girls reaches up to pet the moose on the nose, causing the wild beast (not to be confused with wildebeest) to quickly snap its head to the right, narrowly missing a little boy that was walking underneath it.

I believe it is at that moment that the moose begins to “see red,” so to speak. If you aren’t familiar with the term, I’m just basically trying to say that the tourists f***ed around, and now the moose is about to let them find out.

Now I will say, in the tourists’ defense, there are moments of the viral video where it looks like the moose is somewhat enjoying the petting and the attention. I’d say for the first minute or so, it is a pretty good interaction between animal and humans.

However, remember what I said at the very top. There is a reason you don’t pet on the moose, or the cuddly bear cub, or try and save the baby bison.

You should never disturb the wildlife. You never know when a wild animal could snap, just like this moose does.

Suddenly, that mundane interaction in the Russian National Park turns violent, with the moose landing a nice controlled “left hook” with its front left hoof on the unsuspecting little girl.

Hopefully the snow and the big coat broke the little girl’s fall.

The moose then comes back for more and goes for an impressive “simultaneous double front arm punch” as it stands up on its back legs. This one thankfully didn’t land, because otherwise it could have been a devastating knockout punch.

The group of tourists then begin to yell and try to “shoo off” the moose, which runs down off the trail they were standing on and into a lower wooded area.

Watch the shocking (but then again not so shocking because the tourists were asking for it) animal encounter below:

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