High-Rise Worker Hanging Off The Side Of A Building Saved By Quick Thinking Office Workers

construction worker

Some say perseverance allows for a window into one’s maximum potential.

This guy hanging off the side of the 34th floor of this building in China is just saying “get me the hell back inside.”

If you looked up “nightmare scenario” in the dictionary, there’s a good chance it would say just below the definition “see: man hanging on for dear life just outside a window that office workers are slowly hammering to break.”

It’s unclear how the person ended up in this position, but it appears that they were a construction worker or possible window cleaner who slipped and fell, relying on their safety harness to keep them suspended in the air up against the window.

Once the endangered person was discovered just outside the window, the office workers on the 34th floor began to work quickly to save the high-rise worker in peril.

The men tirelessly try to break the glass (which isn’t designed to do so), slowly chipping away at the thick, solid window so that they can safely pull in the dangling construction worker.

Finally, after much teamwork, they are able to break their way through and slowly bring the harnessed worker in through the 34th floor window. And may I point out that the window is not very wide at all, so they had to be careful not to harm the person as they pulled them through the remaining jagged glass.

But what other choice did they have really? Most fire trucks don’t have ladders that extend over 475 feet into the air…

Take a look at the shocking footage, with the caption describing the scene as:

“High-rise worker hanging outside 34th-floor window rescued by quick thinking officer workers.”

It’s times like this where it is a real shame that Spider Man doesn’t actually exist.

If Peter Parker happened to be nearby, this whole thing would have been resolved in five minutes tops. Superhero movies continue to provide false hope for situations like this that could be easily solved by caped crusaders.

However, if it were a realistic Marvel or DC film, the superhero would cause millions of dollars in property damage just to save this one man, and I doubt that one broken window will cost more than a couple of thousand (if that), so it’s actually a decent trade off.

The video was posted on Reddit, and the jokes that commenters left underneath the video were golden. Most of them were just window jokes, but they still worked:

“They’re a pane to replace too.”

“He’ll be looking at them with a new perspective.”

“But the view is absolutely smashing!”

“It’s important to be transparent about such things.”

“I hope this doesn’t shatter his confidence.”

“Great. Now he’s going to be called back the next day to fix a broken window.”

I love Reddit so much…

And I also made up that first thing that I said at the very top. I’ve never heard anyone say “perseverance allows for a window into one’s maximum potential.” I just wanted to work in the word “window” as a joke.

Now that I think about it, the saying does seem like it would fit perfectly into an inspirational poster. I could see the phrase overlayed on a picture a rocket ship taking off hanging up in a school hallway for sure.

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