A Mama Yellowstone Grizzly Bear & Her Cubs Face Off With A Male Grizzly Right In Front Of Tourists

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Now this is what you call a true heavyweight matchup.

Tourists were in for a treat this past week at Yellowstone National Park when a male grizzly bear got a little too close for comfort to a mother bear and her two cubs.

Tension was in the air when the two behemoths came face to face, and those watching from a distance had a good feeling that an all-time battle was about to go down.

When a male grizzly moves in on a grizzly sow (female), especially one with her cubs nearby, things tend to become very contentious and combative. Those who were lucky enough to witness the meeting thought for sure that paws would be thrown.

However, this incident was a rare example of an encounter between two grizzlies staying somewhat peaceful. In the incredible video, you’ll see that the after the male approaches, the mother bear actually chooses to surprisingly lay down with her two cubs.

Believe it or not, it is actually the two young bears that become aggressive and attack the male grizzly, that is until the female bear stepped in and broke it up (must be a natural mom instinct).

Honestly, it looks as though the male grizzly came into the situation expecting a fight, but was then surprised that the confrontation remained mundane.

What tourists were thinking could be a potential “battle to the death” instead turned into a good, old fashioned staring contest. The bears sat there, exchanging looks and not moving much at all, until the other more playful cub approached the male grizzly.

I hate to say it, but it does seem like that part in the romantic comedy where the two leading roles who have hated each other throughout the movie all of the sudden have a change of heart and see that they are compatible. It even brings in the “blended family” storyline with the mother bear having two cubs.

Throw in Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston and you’ve got yourself a blockbuster rom-com.

So what could have been an ugly battle simmers down to just an interesting, non-aggressive run in between a lone bear and a mother with her two cubs.

Though there isn’t a gruesome fight, there are a couple of growls back and forth, and the beautifully shot video is still well worth a watch.

Take a look:

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