Yellowstone Tourist Has To Make Nerve-Racking Decision On Her Way Back To The Parking Lot When A Bison Is Standing A Few Feet From The Boardwalk

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Sheesh, this could’ve ended terribly.

Aside from the fact that there are hundreds and hundreds of videos out there of tourists at National Parks getting charged, gored, severely injured, or even dying because they decided to ignore the park’s rules about getting too close to the wildlife, all for one cool “Kodak moment” and a little bit of internet clout, we still continue to see these “tourons” (or moron tourists) flirt with disaster.

However, there are some instances where the wildlife is inconveniently standing exactly where you need to go, and you have to make a split second decision on what to do.

And here is a perfect example – but one where thankfully, this woman’s common sense got the best of her.

It all went down at Yellowstone National Park, where a woman was caught on video trying to make her way to the boardwalk that leads to the parking lot.

Unfortunately for the woman, there happened to be a massive bison standing only a few feet away from where she was going.

So the question is…

Do you try to sneak past the massive beast? Or do you wait it out until the bison leaves, which could take a long time?

I guess the woman didn’t want to wait around, because you can see her slowly creep through the fence line, briefly look at the bison, and fast walk in the other direction.

You already know in the back of her mind that she could’ve gotten one heck of a picture right there, but she ultimately decided it wasn’t worth going to the hospital, and luckily the bison wasn’t spooked by her presence.

Still, you can’t help but wonder how badly this could’ve turned out if the bison felt threatened, and charged directly towards her.

It wouldn’t have been too pretty, considering the bison had the higher ground.

Check it out:

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