Wolverine Walks By Hiker With A Goat Head In Its Mouth

Wolverine goat head

Talk about something straight out of a horror movie…

A hiker was enjoying another day in the beautiful Alaskan wilderness when she spotted one of nature’s most underrated predators walking directly down the path towards her.

Wolverines are a smaller mammal whose population has been in a steady decline since the 19th century due to trapping pressure and habitat destruction. While only weighing around 20 to 40 pounds, their ferocious disposition and seemingly abnormal strength have given them quite the reputation and have built their status up into the realm of near mythic proportions.

Although they are primarily scavengers, preferring to steal a carcass from wolves or lynx, they’re no slouch in the hunting department and can hold their own in a full on confrontation.

We’ve seen examples of them fighting off multiple wolves, chase grizzlies, and take out a deer with relative ease, so pretty much the last thing you want to see while walking solo through the woods is one of these mean hombres coming at you.

Well, as the woman was walking down a trail near Anchorage, Alaska, she saw a wolverine making its way toward her, carrying something in its mouth. As it got closer, the shape of a severed goat head being held in its jaws came into form.

With no time to move out of the way, the lady stood still and remained calm as it sauntered by.

My goodness, what a moment. Just seeing one of these creatures at all is very rare, so seeing one just feet away while holding a decaying mountain goat head? Truly once in a lifetime.

I still got the chills from watching this…

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