Ella Langley’s Acoustic Performance Video Of “Excuse The Mess” Is Simply Perfect

Ella Langley country music
Caylee Robillard

Aside from “Could’ve Been Her,” this is easily my other favorite from Ella Langley’s new Excuse the Mess EP.

She released her debut project a couple weeks ago, and I haven’t stopped listening to it since.

And today, Ella’s back with another great acoustic performance video of the title track “Excuse the Mess,” which was filmed at the Wightman Chapel in Nashville.

She says it was a very fitting location, as the Hope Hull, Alabama native grew up singing in church:

“The acoustic video for ‘Could’ve Been Her’ is out now!

We recorded it in the Wightman Chapel in Nashville, I grew up singing in church so it only felt right to pay tribute to that with these videos… Go check it out on YouTube!”

Written by Ella along with Bobby Hamrick and Joybeth Taylor, the song is a basic admission that Ella isn’t perfect, and serves almost as a warning to a guy looking to be in a relationship with her that won’t be changing anytime soon, and they can pretty much take her or leave her the way she is.

I love the message in the lyrics, and the production on a lot of the songs on her aforementioned EP are pretty stripped-back and simple, which I really appreciate, so it’s fun to hear them in this kind of setting, too.

Check it out:

The studio cut:

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