Chilling Underwater Video Shows Alligator With Deer Snapped Between Its Teeth

Gator underwater deer

I’m not sure how this person knew to stick the camera underneath the water, but thankfully they did, and now we have this chilling video to watch.

Like the alligator probably had to go through after chowing down on this fawn, it’s going to take a while for me to digest this. I simply cannot believe that this video is real, and it’s honestly very sad what aspect of the video actually convinces me that this isn’t fabricated.

What’s that detail you ask? As you’ll see when you watch, it’s all the crushed up beer cans sunken down in the water around the gator. If it was fake, why would someone go through the trouble to upset the “save the environment” people?

Before we get to the video though, I will say that if you happen to wander out into the beautiful nature that all of us have access to, just follow the simple “pack out what you pack in” phrase.

Or even what your elementary school art teacher probably told you: “leave things better than how you found them.”

And as I step off my soap box, let’s discuss the horrifying footage of this alligator menacingly laying on the ground of this body of water with a deceased baby deer sitting in its teeth.

The way the footage is shot is straight out of a horror movie. Starting just above the water then pushing the camera through the surface, revealing what lies underneath, is some high-shelf cinematography stuff.

You thankfully have a heads up on what to expect, so there might not be as big of a “stomach drop” moment when you see the gator marinating its dinner in the murky water.

You might have a weird gut feeling too when you see all of the trash and pollution in the wild animal’s habitat, but I already covered that part of it above, so I’ll try not to mention anything about it again.

I do wonder how the person videoing found out that this gator had a fawn in its jaws as it laid underwater. Did they see the alligator attack it and drag it into the water? Or were they maybe fishing or hanging out in the water and looked down after something at the bottom caught their eye?

How the alligator got down there with the deer is about as clear as the water is in the video (it’s not). All I know is that I would be getting the heck out of dodge before I became the gator’s next unfortunate victim.

Take a look at the video below:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock