Black Bear Casually Strolls Through Busy Connecticut Town On Memorial Day Weekend

Bear connecticut

Looks like everybody wanted to checkout the Memorial Day festivities in Avon, Connecticut…

Including the bears.

According to Outdoor Life, a black bear was seen taking a stroll right down Route 44 in Avon, Connecticut for the annual Memorial Day parade this past Monday.

In the video posted to Facebook, you can see a black bear casually strolling through the parade route, not minding the bystanders and just checking things out. However, a bear reportedly stole 60 cupcakes from a town bakery only two days prior, so this made a few parade patrons a bit on edge.

But on top of that, there were also a number of bystanders who weren’t fazed by the bear’s presence, and casually watched the creature make its stroll through town.

A parade viewer behind the camera can be heard saying:

“There’s nothing to be scared of, he’s walking away. He’s afraid of us.”

This is typically true for most bears, as they tend to leave humans alone if they leave them alone. That being said, it can all change in an instant…

Black bear encounters will continue to be an issue in Connecticut so long as there continues to be a hunting ban on black bears. As the population increases, more human interactions are likely to occur. And as more human interactions occur, bears are likely to get bolder with their behavior.

The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection wrote on their website:

“Conflicts with humans will continue to increase. Food-conditioned bears pose a greater risk to public safety and often cause more property damage to houses, cars, pets, and livestock.”

Nevertheless, it’s easy to see that this black bear was just checking things out and taking it all in… maybe looking for more cupcakes.

Check it out:

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A beer bottle on a dock