Woman Trips Running From Charging Bison, Plays Dead To Escape Being Run Over At Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone Bison charges lady

It’s open season on idiots at Yellowstone these days.

We saw a 9-year-old girl get air mailed (she was fine though) after her parents got too close (way to go dad), and even more recently, we saw an elderly lady get gored at Yellowstone after she tried to pet a bison, yes PET A BISON.

It should go without saying, but don’t try and pet a bison people…

Anyways… now here is another lady who barely escaped, in fact… tripping over her own feet might’ve saved her life.

A unnamed woman was touring Yellowstone National Park a few years back and found herself running for her life when she got too close to a bison. The bison decided to charge and she immediately tried to run away (good plan) with the bison hot on her tail.

She tripped, fell flat on her face, and then played dead, and lucky for her, the charging bison pumped the brakes right before running her clean over.

According to KBZK, the woman was a “Montana local” and knew that she should “play dead,” but I have to ask… if you know to “play dead” when a bison tries to smash you like a bug, then how come you don’t know to stay the hell away from them?

Like… ya know?

She may have got the picture she wanted for her Instagram account, but we got the viral footage right here.

Check it out:

According to Yellowstone National Park, you should stay at least 25 yards away from bison at all times, and 100 yards away from bears and wolves.

And that’s not all… keep your distance from moose, elk and other Yellowstone critters as well.

It sounds pretty easy, right? And yet somehow, we have a new story every day with some bozo wandering right up to the herd to get a pic for the ‘Gram.

Bison Herd Protect Calf From Hungry Pack Of Wolves

Another day, another episode of cool shit at Yellowstone.

Captured by Yellowstone guide, wolf tracker, and photographer Michelle Holihan, this awesome footage features the Junction Butte Pack trying to take down a bison calf.

Only problem is, mama and papa bison had other ideas.

“We had an exciting morning of wolf watching in Yellowstone today as several members of the Junction Butte Pack tried to take down a bison calf.

After the adults ran them off they gave up the chase and went back to the rest of the pack.”

Watching wolves hunt might be one of the coolest wildlife experiences you can encounter, and Yellowstone might be the best place to do it.

So methodical, so organized… sure they rely on speed and power, but they also rely on executing the perfect attack plan. Unfortunately for these two wolves, they were outmanned and undersized against the defenses of the herd.

The best defense is a good offense? Not in Yellowstone it’s not…

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Yellowstone Bull Elk Takes A Run At Park Ranger’s Vehicle

Lately, park rangers seem to have more problems with the people than the wildlife…

Whether its some drunk person trying to ride a bison or an idiot getting too close a grizzly bear to get a picture for the ‘Gram. I mean, it happens at every national park. But Elk are known to cause a little bit of trouble sometimes, and depending on the time of year, they can get aggressive.

Yellowstone National Park is home to some pretty amazing wildlife. But due to its popularity, it also has lots of tourists.

And while sometimes you can see them acting like fools, this time, they had the camera ready to go.

A group of tourists are standing at a safe distance from a bull elk (shocker), as the elk looks around, clearly unimpressed by everything happening around him.

One car recognizes the situation and backs away from the elk before it can take a run at them. Then you see the elk take off running and in comes a Park Ranger vehicle. The elk smashes right into the side of it.


Nobody expects and elk to ram your vehicle, even in Yellowstone working as a Park Ranger.

You see folks, this is why we stay away from elk in parks… imagine if someone was standing there instead of a truck.

Bad news…

Here’s from the the people behind the camera:

“This happened on September 10, 2021, when my family and I took a vacation to Yellowstone National Park.

We were on our way back to the Airbnb when we saw a lot of park rangers trying to keep people at a certain distance. So I drove back around and parked right in front of the elk.

It is during the rutting season so the males were hyper-aggressive. He lunged at two cars before ramming into the ranger’s vehicle.”

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