Three Marines Were Beaten By A Mob Of 40 Teens In San Clemente, California

Marines San Clemente

Wild video footage shows a mob of up to 40 teenagers brutally beating a trio of off-duty Marines at the San Clemente Pier Bowl in San Clemente, California this past weekend.

The Marines say the altercation began because they simply asked the group to stop lighting fireworks.

One of the attacked Marines, Hunter Antonino, told KCAL News:

“We told them we were Marines so they would leave – but they didn’t. They just kept going at it.”

They began to walk up some steps as the group yelled behind them to “get the f*ck outta here,” and one runs up and sucker punches one of the servicemen. The Marine then drops whatever was in his hand, and charges the culprit, sending him to the ground.

The group then swarms the guy, and begin to collectively punch him while screaming:

“Get that f*cker! Get that f*cker! F*ck that f*cker up!”

As they were outnumbered, you can see two of the Marines in the fetal position on the ground as they continue to kick and punch them.

Finally, an adult man and woman step in and break it up, telling them to stop. One other Marine was reportedly attacked as well, but was not shown on video.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department originally estimated that 10 to 30 teens and young adults were involved, but there appears to be much more in the video. It it now estimated that more than 40 people were in the mob.

Sgt. Frank Gonzalez told the outlet:

“This is considered an assault with a deadly weapon because of the amount of suspects.”

Although brutally attacked, the victims refused medical treatment.

Antonino continued:

“My face still has, like, blood all over it.”

He said that he and his buddies were just enjoying time away from Camp Pendleton in Oceanside, and all they did was ask the group to stop lighting fireworks after some debris hit him in the face:

“They were being belligerent, they were being obnoxious and annoying other people, so I went up to them and told them to stop.”

Gonzalez says the sheriff’s department will investigate this “to the fullest,” regardless if the servicemen do not seek to press charges.

He concluded:

“Marines are always welcome here, always going to be celebrated, always taken care of.”

This is what is has come to in America… mobs of teenagers attacking the people who serve our country… unreal.

Here’s more from the Marines:


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