Construction Worker Hilariously Trolls Teacher Who Said He Wouldn’t Amount To Anything More Than Construction

Construction worker blasts teacher

Times are a changin’.

When I was a kid, you were supposed to go to college, get a good job that paid you well, and the added bonus was that you didn’t have to do manual labor. You could push a pencil and make six figures, barely out of college.

But by the time I got to college, tuition would put you six figures in debt, and if you could even find a job, your starting pay would be somewhere in the neighborhood of $40k-$60, depending on what you were doing.

That was 10 years ago, and I can only imagine it has gotten even worse. So much so, that trade school seems like a much better alternative these days.

But the problem is, some teachers still see it as a last resort rather than a viable career option.

That’s exactly what this fella’s high school teacher told him:

“Be ready to work hard because with that attitude you’re not going to amount to anything other than a construction worker.”

Jokes on you teach…

Listen to this amazing rant:

Crane Operator Keeps Messing With Frustrated Sunbather

Think you’re the only one bored outta your mind? Think again…

While everybody across the globe is looking for new ways to entertain themselves, even crane operators, who are still working during the pandemic, need to find ways to have a laugh every once in awhile.

And fucking with sunbathers is a great way to do that.


And just wait for the end… looks an awful lot like a middle finger from our frustrated sunbather.

The worst part is that it ended so soon… I could’ve watched this go on for hours.

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Construction Worker Dangles From A Crane

My anxiety just increased by 1,000% while watching this video.

Although they have my respect, I’ll never understand the thrill seekers who will climb to the top of skyscrapers, and dangle from the edge just to say they did it.

I mean yeah, that takes some nuts. But are you clinically insane? Do you want clout that bad? Both? I guess they only know the answer to that…

And don’t even get me started on the people who willingly clean windows on a skyscraper, those who climb massive communications towers or windmills… I get nervous watching it on video.

With that being said, I may have encountered a video involving the most terrifying situation one could be in.

A video has gone viral of a construction worker in Toronto, Canada, who after being tangled in a tagline, was spotted dangling from the crane, hanging on with his hands, suspended hundreds of feet in the air.

“The guy was on the 5th floor and his hand got caught in the tag line went from the 5th floor to the 30th floor before the crane operator noticed. Fortunately he survived with a few bruises on this thumb and a broken wrist.”

The worker is hidden underneath a pallet of some sorts, so it’s impossible to know if the crane operator even knew the worker was hanging on for dear life below.

This is like a real life action scene from some movie you’d watch in the ’80s. I mean, I feel like I’m watching Bruce Willis fight for his life in Die Hard or something like that.

You can hear onlookers and the man videoing the heart pounding event yelling:

“Oh my God how the f*ck did this happen?”

“Somebody tell him to stop before he crushed by this f*cking thing!”


Luckily enough, the distressed worker was able to make a safe landing uninjured, but it does make you wonder how this even happened in the first place.

The company PCL Constructors Canada was overseeing the project and confirmed that he was not seriously injured and the incident is undergoing investigation.

WARNING: This is not for the faint of heart.

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