CNN Cuts Off “Prison Expert” Discussing Elizabeth Holmes When He Says She “Might Be Somebody’s Girlfriend In There”

Elizabeth Holmes

I mean, what do they expect from a prison expert?

If you’re not familiar with Elizabeth Holmes, the former tech CEO and founder of blood testing company Theranos was recently sentenced to 11 years in prison for defrauding investors out of millions and millions of dollars.

(You also may be familiar with her because of her trademark black turtlenecks or her bizarre and seemingly-fake deep voice).

But even if you’re not familiar with the whole backstory, all you really need to know for this story is that Holmes has been sentenced to 11 years in prison, which will be quite the change from the cushy lifestyle that the once-millionaire CEO is used to living.

Holmes reported to the federal prison in Bryan, Texas today to begin her sentence. And yesterday, CNN had on a “prison expert” to discuss what Holmes can expect from her new life behind bars – but the interview got shut down after going horribly wrong.

The expert, Larry Levine, is a former inmate who has since started a consulting business to prepare white-collar criminals for life behind bars. The interview occurred during CNN’s Monday edition of News Central, and Levine was decked out in a Hawaiian shirt covered in American flags for Memorial Day, along with a pair of shades.

But when CNN anchor Boris Sanchez asked what Holmes should be doing on her last day of freedom, Levine had some interesting advice for the future inmate:

“Three things. I’m gonna get a little crude here. She should spend some time with her kids for sure. She should have a good meal. And maybe she should have sex with her husband, because she might end up being somebody’s girlfriend in there. Because she’s not a bad looking woman. She’s not all tore up like Lori Vallow.”

I mean, they asked, right?

Sanchez was clearly taken aback by Levine’s advice, and quickly shut down the interview:

“Hey, Larry, though we appreciate the advice, I’m not sure it’s the best for an afternoon on Memorial Day. Thank you so much for the time. Again, appreciate the shirt.

Thanks for sharing part of your holiday with us Larry, we do appreciate it.”

To be fair, Larry did warn them that he was going to get a little crude.

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