Watch Bella White’s Phenomenal Cover Of Lucinda Williams’ “Concrete And Barbed Wire”

Bella White country music

My jaw dropped when Bella White let out the first note of this tune.

Bella White is a stand-out artist in my books these days. Her traditional sound incorporates flares of Appalachian roots, and her masterful songwriting will hit you where it hurts.

But as we know, we love some sad country songs here at Whiskey Riff, so I eat up all of the melancholy lyrics she delivers.

Off the heels of her recent album release, Among Other Things, Music Moonshine Media released video footage from her Laurel Cove Session filmed last year during Laurel Cove Festival.

Bella White delivers a stunning cover of Lucinda Williams’ “Concrete and Barbed Wire.”

As White begins to sing, it feels like you have stepped back in time and are listening to this from a jukebox. Her sound mimics the stars of country music during the ’60s, and she effortlessly belts out each note.

The serene wooded background allows for the listener to be dialed in on the talent of White, and she accompanies herself on acoustic guitar.

Bella White is truly a gem that is coming into the limelight. I love seeing her fan base grow and receive the critical recognition she deserves for her artistry.

Also, check out her performance of “Now She Knows What It Feels Like” from her debut album.

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