The Athletics Have Released The Renderings For Their New Stadium In Las Vegas, & It Looks INCREDIBLE

Oakland A's rendering
Oakland A's

Talk about an upgrade.

I’ll admit, it’s pretty sad to know that after this season, there will no longer be an NFL or MLB team in Oakland, as both the Raiders and Athletics have called Las Vegas their new home.

When both teams have been located in the same city for basically your whole life, it takes some getting used to when they switch it up.

However, that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate this absolute gem of a stadium the Athletics have in the works in Vegas.

If you know anything about the MLB, then you probably know that the Athletics’ stadium in Oakland, The Coliseum, is arguably the worst stadium in the MLB.

It’s way too big, as it used to be home to both the Raiders and Athletics, and the inside of the stadium was outdated and in need of serious renovations.

Hell, there are even some seats where your view is completely blocked from home plate.

Needless to say, it was time for a change, and that means an upgraded, modern day stadium…

And this new $1.5 billion venue in the works in Vegas looks absolutely gorgeous.

The A’s just released the renderings of what the stadium is set to look like, and from first look, it’s going to have a gorgeous view of the Vegas skyline, including the MGM Grand Hotel, and a halo-like ring over the top of the field.

On top of that, it will feature a massive scoreboard out in right-centerfield.

It also appears that half of the stadium will be covered as well.

Of course, it’s only a few renderings, and the chances of the actual stadium looking identical to this is probably very slim.

Nevertheless, this will be a HUGE upgrade from The Coliseum.

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