MLB Reporter Interrupted During Broadcast By Fan Yelling “F*** Detroit”

Royals game

Someone once said that the answer to the question “where do we draw the line” is “somewhere.”

This fan in Kansas City without a doubt crossed the line.

During the fifth inning of a match up between the Kansas City Royals and the Detroit Tigers, the Bally Sports Detroit’s reporter Johnny Kane was talking live from the stands when his microphone caught some unfortunate cursing from a fan in the seats.

The incident even caused Kane to take to Twitter to apologize for the profanity, even though it really wasn’t his fault.

Kane said:

“I’m a fan of Kansas City and the people here. One fan obviously took it too far. He disrespected Detroit and I’m not cool with that. Detroit is my home now. Sorry for all that.”

During the rejoin piece of the broadcast, Kane was diving into some of the history of the Kansas City ballpark. saying:

“Kaufman Stadium is the sixth oldest ballpark in major league baseball. It opened back in 1973, but it might become one of the baseball cathedrals that finds itself a victim…”

That’s when the unruly fan interrupts the professional reporter, yelling:

“F*** Javy Baez and f*** Detroit!” 

The sudden interjection from the fan clearly threw off Kane, who stumbled for a second to regain his train of thought and muttered this:

“Hang on, hang on fellas, sorry for that man, sorry about that.

Doggone it.”

If you have to bring out the “doggone it,” that’s usually not a good sign. Does saying “doggone it” reduce the effect of the two “f-bombs?” I’d like to think so.

The Bally Sports reporter had a tough time moving past the occurrence, continuing with:

“We apologize for the language you guys heard there at home, but, umm…”

As you’ll see in the video below, Kane eventually gets back on track. You’ve got to hand it to him though, he handled the whole thing like a champ and didn’t get shaken up too badly.

Take a look:

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