Bear Breaks Into Connecticut Bakery, Scares Off Employees And Eats 60 Cupcakes

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This bear is living out my dream…but it was a nightmare for the employees who came face-to-face with the giant beast.

According to the owner of Taste by Spellbound in Avon, Connecticut, workers were loading cupcakes into a delivery van inside the bakery’s loading garage when the smell apparently became too much for the black bear to resist.

It popped out from behind the dumpsters before waltzing into the bakery, presumably to chase down the delicious smell of fresh-baked cakes and pastries. I mean, who can blame him really? I can’t pass by a bakery without going inside either.

Inside the garage he encountered Maureen Williams, a bakery employee who was just getting ready to shut the van door after loading it up with cupcakes. But instead, the bear gave what the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) calls a “bluff charge” to scare her off and get the baked goods all to himself:

According to Williams:

“It turned around, and came towards me, and he did what DEEP calls a ‘bluff charge,’ where he made kind of a huffing noise, and then he came at me a little quicker.

At that point, I knew I wasn’t going to shut the door. He was too close. So, I backed myself out and ran.”

After retreating inside the bakery, the bear took advantage of the unguarded van full of cupcakes and helped itself, dragging the container out of the van and eating 60 of the cupcakes before a baker hopped in their car and drove to the back of the store and honk their horn to get the bear to run away.

Gotta think he had one heck of a sugar crash once he got home.

Police eventually came to make sure that the bear had disappeared, and DEEP showed up to set a bait trap for the wild animal – using, what else, but sweets?

It’s just a shame he wasn’t able to get his paws on the bear claws while he was inside the bakery. (Ok that was terrible, I’m sorry).

Black Bears Send Tourists Running At Yellowstone

How many times do we have to say it… stay far away from wildlife.

There’s just no sense in getting close up for a picture, your life, or even injuries are not worth it.

Yeah sure, the odds are in your favor to walk away unharmed even when you do have a close encounter. But, why would a person ever try to get closer and gamble with their lives?

I just have a feeling as long as there’s National Parks and tourists, we will see stupid videos pop up all the time. The only benefit to it, is the enjoyment I get seeing these folks panicked after doing something extremely stupid.

A mother and her three cubs, which are getting fairly large themselves, are seen walking across a bridge with a whole group of tourists pulled over to snap some pics of them.

Now, let’s think about this. A group of tourists thought it was a good idea to get closer to a mother bear on a structure that only has two open ends both of which are plugged full of stupid tourists. There needs to be little bit of thought happening before you do these things.

Not only are they risking getting charged or attacked they are also severely stressing out these animals.

Tourists begin to run as the group of bears move closer to the end. The panic in their faces is nice to see.

Also, did you not know that running away is one of the worst things you can do?

The people finally clear enough away so that the bears make a dash for the woods on the other side.

The sad part is, there’s information on these animals all over these parks, employees that work tirelessly to make sure people are safe and still endless amounts of people put themselves in these situations.

My only question is, what’s going to happen in the next one?

Black Bear Scares West Virginia Principal

SHEESH, that was a close one.

We’ve seen a number of bears make their way into residential areas, and hangout in peoples’ driveways and front porches, and at times, they’ve even managed to get inside the house and ransack the refrigerator for all of the food.

However, I’ll admit that this is the first time I’ve ever seen a video of one of these creatures hanging around school grounds…

And it nearly gave an elementary school teacher a heart attack.

According to WASZ 3, this all went down at Zela Elementary School in West Virginia, when Principal James Marsh was unlocking the school’s dumpster for the cafeteria staff.

I’m sure this is a normal routine for Marsh, and feels like second nature to him at this point.

But, this time around will be one he’ll never forget for the rest of his life.

In the footage, you can see Marsh unlock the dumpster, and all of a sudden a massive black bear peaks his head through. I don’t think “startled” is a good enough word choice, as you can see Marsh run the opposite direction in terror.

It appears that the principal may have scared the black bear equally as much, as you can see the creature jump out of the dumpster and take off back into the woods.

You can also see Marsh put his hands on his knees once he realized the coast was clear, probably counting every blessing he’s got.

He told the outlet:

“Things go in (a dumpster), but you just don’t expect anything that big to come out of it.

I have not been that close to one (a bear), and I doubt that many people have.”

Marsh continued:

“I didn’t even get to open the lid. It just popped out of there like a jack-in-the-box. It let out a pretty loud growl or roar actually, and that was about the most intimidating thing of the whole event.

The students at the school, they wanted to see it, and I showed it to all of them. They thought it was just hilarious. I had a couple little girls tell me when you see a bear, you’re not supposed to run.”

So, I’m just trying to figure out how this massive black bear got locked into a dumpster. How did the staff not notice a massive black bear hanging out down there when they were closing up?

Nevertheless, it’s high quality entertainment:

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