Sierra Ferrell’s 2019 ‘Washington By The Sea’ Record Is A Hidden Gem

Sierra Ferrell

Is it obvious that I’m fiending for new Sierra Ferrell?

I was in my weekly deep-dive, watching festival performances and covers from Ferrell, when an unreleased full album appeared on my YouTube “watch next” queue. A 13-track album with songs that I’ve never heard before (minus one) titled Washington By the Sea.

“The Sea” is the only overlapping tune from this 2019 self-released project that also appeared on her 2021 debut album, Long Time Coming. 

With heavy influences of swing and blues, mixed with classic Appalachian vocals and story-like lyrics, this album captures the essence of why fans love Ferrell today.

“Snake River Wine” is a song on the album that I listened to repeatedly. Not only because of the melody, but the seemingly upbeat lyrics carry what seems to be a dark underlying meaning.

It’s short, sweet, and will leave you guessing.

Here is a clip of Ferrell performing the tune back in 2019.

Other standout tracks to me on this were “Shiver,” “Broken,” and “Washington By The Sea.”

Sierra Ferrell is one of my favorite female artists to have emerged over the last few years. She embraces her individuality and beats to her own drum, shaking up country music in a good way.

Although this is an older album, I can really sense that we are on the verge of getting new music from her.

With her Opry debut happening last month, an appearance at The Grammy awards, and her American Music Awards wins, she has had a lot of impressive accolades to add to her resume.

Until the time comes that we get new music, enjoy Washington By The Sea.

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