Oklahoma Fishing Guide Catches Incredibly Rare All-Black “Unicorn Of A Paddlefish”

Black paddlefish
Ryan Davison

What’re the odds of this?

According to The Kansas City Star, an Oklahoma fishing guide set out for a little fishing trip of his own, having no idea what he may catch…

And little did he know that fishing trip would be one he’d never forget.

Ryan Davison, one of the two guides for the Oklahoma Paddlefish Guide Service, shared in a Facebook post this past Monday that he went out on the water “for a little more excitement” after guiding all day.

And I’d say he got a little more excitement, because he reeled in a black paddlefish that he described as a “once in a lifetime fish.”

He said in the video:

“Well he ain’t no giant, but check the color out on that sucker.”

Davison caught the rare fish at Keystone Lake, where you can see it has a unique black color because it is melanistic, which means it has black features because it produces too much melanin. Experts say that this can be found in many types of animals, such as mammals, amphibians, reptiles, and more.

He continued in the Facebook post:

“What a fight, with the unicorn of a paddlefish.”

I’d say getting back out on the water after a long day of guiding was well worth it.

He also shared a video with the wild catch:

“Go to the page and tag your buddies for a good laugh and a fish you will not see anywhere else!”

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